Countime – Broken Blinded Betrayed

Countime – Broken Blinded Betrayed / 2006 No Joke / 7 Tracks / http://www.nojokereordsla /

“From The Heavens Above” is the first track on “Broken Blinded Betrayed” and it shows Countime as an act that loves their classic, “tough guy” hardcore. The band produces fast, heavy, and intense hardcore music that has more than its fair share of metal influence. Note that during “From the Heavens Above” that Countime do not move into a nu-metal style, which many bands in the genre tend to do. After two and a half minutes, Countime move into “City of Fallen Angels”. “City of Fallen Angels” is a track that throws in much more in the way of thrash punk while keeping the overall sound of Countime the same. Even though the band is only putting in a few minutes to each track on “Broken Blinded Betrayed”, they are able to go forth and really make a cohesive sound by the time that a track like “Lies Within” ends.

“Rest in Peace” marks a shift to longer tracks on this EP by Countime, and this shift is something that ultimately helps the band out. With more time to plan out where exactly that they would like to go, Countime makes tracks that seem a little bit more mature and make the second half of “Broken Blinded Betrayed” that much more strong than the first (which is not a slouch in the slightest). The band may not be doing anything completely new but they are able to keep a musical style pure and free of influences that would negatively impact that. The disc ends at the twenty-five minute mark and the band is virtually unscathed; I am confident that they would be able to double the amount of songs here without weakening their overall approach. Give the disc a go if you like classic hardcore or hard music in general.

Top Track: Rest in Peace

Rating: 6.5/10

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