Cut Off Your Hands – Shaky Hands

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Cut Off Your Hands play a brand of energetic indie rock that is first shown to audiences during “You&I”. The jangly nature of this track fuzzes over slightly the intensity of the band’s compositions. The track is sufficiently short to not give individuals a full glance at what Cut Off Your Hands are all about, and the band rapidly takes up the standards of “Expectations”. “Expectations” should be seen as the band’s first hits, as it provides listeners with an incredibly catchy chorus and an instrumental arrangement that does nothing but give this chorus energy. With another short ending, “Takes Slowly Over” adds more to the cohesive sound that Cut Off Your Hands have cultivated throughout the entirety of the “Shaky Hands” EP.

The only thing that I could see as a problem with this approach would have to be the fact that Cut Off Your Hands does not go forth and create any other styles or sounds that they could rely on. If individuals get tired of their main brand of angular rock, there is nothing else to rely on. The slightly slower style of a “Let Go” is where the band should look into for subsequent releases; if the band wants to succeed with a full length album, they will have to expand their sound. This is not saying that what is present is not impressive, but their foundation is weak. Cut Off Your Hands recalls the seventies sound of acts like Devo and Pere Ubu while adding a little bit more fury to their overall sound; individuals will find something that they like with this album. Here’s to hoping that they will be able to add different styles and influences for their full length, whenever that may end up coming out.

Top Track: Let Go

Rating: 6.5/10

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