Goldtoes – The Gold Rush

Goldtoes – The Gold Rush / 2007 Self / 14 Tracks /

Goldtoes is the individual that is associated with Thizz Latin, the CEO of the firm. The first track on “The Gold Rush” is “Blow It”, and it brings all of the energy and style that any current rapper has. There is not much of a commonality to specific rappers out currently, but Goldtoes provides individuals with something different that still has a lot of what is popular present in its construction. “Still in Da Hood” brings a little bit of the Latin flow to the track, while the focal point of the track, the vocals, provide individuals with hooky lines and catchy constructions.

“The Show Must Go On” puts a little bit of the gangster edge to the track, even as the track rides the line between the rap of the late nineties and the current period. Using a modified hook from Queen’s “The Show Must Go On”, the track is quickly changed into Goldtoes first single-ready hit. The bouncing back and forth between the stanzas and the chorus, the male and the female, provide individuals with greater intricacies than have been present at any time prior. “On My Level” continues the same high quality of the rest of “The Gold Rush”, and marks the beginning of a string of strong tracks that more or less runs to the end of the disc. There is nothing new to ‘The Gold Rush” that is present on “On My Level”, but the solid structure of the track keep individuals interested in what Goldtoes has to say for a few more minutes. “I Go” has the backing beat to be the next big rap track; the weird, space-age sounds of this will provide enough for individuals to dance to, while the softly-stated flow will remind listeners of the Yin Yang Twins’ “Whisper Song”.

Goldtoes busts out a number of different rap styles and approaches during “The Gold Rush”, and does not bother with skits or other wastes of eir time. The resulting album is that much strong, and will make listeners stick with the entirety of the album instead of just skipping over the majority of tracks to get to the two or three solid songs. If you are a fan of rap that has a current style but does not hesitate to go back a few years in the styles that influence it, then “The Gold Rush” will definitely be an album you can pick up and bust out at any good time.

Top Tracks: The Show Must Go On, I Go

Rating: 7.0/10

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