Innerpartysystem – The Download EP

Innerpartysystem – The Download EP/ 2007 Stolen Transmission / 6 Tracks / / /

Innerpartysystem starts out this EP with a blend of electronic sounds and styles that blend together techno with more ambient bands. Cobine this blend of styles with an angular approach to rock a la Franz Ferdinand or even the Offspring and individuals have the general sound of Innerpartysystem during “Don’t Stop”. This first track will undoubtedly bring Innerpartysystem to the lips of many a scenewhore and other legwarmer-wearing chowderhead. However, unlike many fads, Innerpartysystem has an incredibly catchy sound that will get individuals dancing and keep individuals interested through all six of the cuts on “The Download” EP. The band has a lot of work to do during “Heart of Fire” to keep the same momentum and energy that started off “The Download” EP, but “Heart of Fire” comes forth strongly in all the areas that “Don’t Stop” was a little weak on.

The chorus is absolutely infectious, and will drag individuals on the dance floor regardless of their opinion about cutting a rug. After two tracks, Innerpartysystem have amassed a large number of fans; the subsequent tracks on “The Download” EP do not disappoint. “The Way We Move” is much slower than either of the two previous tracks, but the subtle style of Innerpartysystem during this track is enough to keep the momentum high and the listeners of this EP completely interested. Despite the fact that “Night Is Alive” sounds as if Innerpartysystem have copped a beat from a Nintendo game, what results in this track is yet another angular approach to dance music, a perfect unifying of rock and dance, another hit for Innerpartysystem. Despite the fact that this EP only has six tracks, I am confident that the band will be able to move to the full length format without anything in the way of problesm popping up.

Top Track: The Lovers Dancing

Rating: 7.1/10

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