Julie Moffitt – Cover to Cover

Julie Moffitt - Cover to Cover

Individuals that have had their ear to the ground in independent music during the last decade will be familiar with the name Julie Moffitt. Moffitt released her first album in 1995 (Labyrinth), and sporadically released follow-up efforts in 2001 (dancerdemonloveranswer) and 2002 (Yules). “Cover to Cover” represents Moffitt’s fourth release, a blend of Moffitt’s interpretations of the songs that have molded her into the performer that she is today, along with some new original tracks that individuals can sink their teeth into.

Despite the fact that the Dixie Chicks covered it a few years back, Moffitt’s version of Landslide provides a new interpretation of a Fleetwood Mac classic. The heavy vocal focus during this cover shows Moffitt’s ability as a singer, as the guitar is only present during the song to play at the periphery; Moffitt’s vocals are forced to shoulder the harmony. It is Moffitt’s cover of The Rose that shows exactly how amazing Moffitt’s voice is. During this cover, the piano takes the place that the guitar took during “Landslide” Moffitt’s voice creates the harmony of the track, and varies through different keys and intensities to mark yet another strong cover by Moffitt on “Cover to Cover”. “Summertime” is the first track that has a pretty much equal blend of musical and vocal intensity; the two segments of the track provide a fuller sound to the song than had been present at any earlier time. There is a certain undefinable quality to Moffitt’s vocals throughout the entirety of “Cover to Cover”. Where many of the female artists are trying to emulate their influences, Moffitt is able to take minor pieces from a large amount of influences and link them together into something that is unique, and is something that still shows listeners who Moffitt is. Dancing Man continues this blend of instrumental and vocal, and further expands on the intricate arrangements that were first present in Summertime”

On “Summertime” the tracks are much more varied and layered than anything previously on “Cover to Cover” including bass and drum tracks. It is this tendency for Moffitt to change her sound throughout the entirety of the disc that will win over the largest amount of fans. Give Moffitt a chance; with each passing track on”Cover to Cover”, it seems likely that Moffitt will slide gently into the position of singers such as Ani DiFranco, Dar Williams, and Tori Amos, equaling them in terms of talent, quality of recording, and in a few years, size of fan base.

Top Tracks: Summertime, Landslide

Rating: 7.4/10

Julie Moffitt -Cover to Cover / 2007 Self / 14 Tracks / http://www.juliemoffitt.com /

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