Lamb of God Create Deluxe “Sacrament” Producer Edition (With Bonus CD) To Be Released December 4th, 2007

Industry pioneers LAMB OF GOD have crossed the line… literally. The Grammy-nominated metal band are breaking down the smoke and mirrors and allowing – for the first time in music history – fans and professionals alike the revolutionary opportunity to produce and/or remix the entire Sacrament audio CD. All of the studio audio tracks (guitar, vocals, drums & bass) from the entire Sacrament album have been isolated, separated and prepared for use by music fans everywhere in ANY Mac or PC, so it is very user-friendly.

Remix the album any way you want to hear it. More bass? Your call. Less drums? Your call. Dub remix? Your call. New vocals? Good luck!

Track and add your own effects, vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and anything else you can imagine! Isolate tracks to help learn or to play/sing along. Create your own new unique songs or loops by cutting apart, rearranging or mixing up tracks or even entire songs. The possibilities are endless and the tools are now in your hands.

Let your inner-producer shine! We dare you! Share your LAMB OF GOD creations online and check out the creative adventures of other new producers. You are the beginning of a revolution in music as we know it.

To hear samples of the release go to

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