MxPx – On the Cover / Pokinatcha [ADB]

MxPx – On the Cover

I don’t usually do reviews of pop-punk bands, but this is an indy release, so i think that it should be reviewed. This was released in 1995 on Tooth and Nail records, and it has 8 songs. These covers range from Bryan Adams, Buddy Holly, A-HA, and The Altar Boys. The cover of Summer of 69 is decent, only when compared to the original, because the vocals and guitars are mediocre. “Oh Boy” is a boring rendition, being a pop-ska song, but it is a slightly catchy tune. “Drum Machine Joy” is another boring song, being an indy/punk song in which nothing stands out. The chorus is the only good part of the song. “You Found Me” is a decent song, with a good guitar line and lyrics. “Take on Me” is about 100 times better then the original. “Marie, Marie” is a horrible punkabilly cover with bad vox and guitar. “you put this love in my heart” is a good normal pop punk song with Bad Religionish Backups and Drums. “No Brain” is very annoying, with shitty vocals.


MxPx – Pokinatcha

21 songs on Tooth and Nail in 1994. At 1st listen, much more work was put into this album then “on the cover” all of the band sounds better on this recording, with an all together tougher sound then on other efforts. even with this mxpx is still pretty boring, but the album is much more easy to hear then otc. there are way too many lov e songs on this disc, as these songs get sappy fast. the guitar riffs in this are awkward and dont sound well in the album . some of the songs that are fast an dont talk about love or god are quite good but the guitar is bad. the vox are fine and the drums and bass are too but they need a guitarist with talent . wow! preachy punk. bleh. politics is great in music, but not religion that preaches. it ruins the music. not that mxpx has much to ruin, but they should give the guitarist lessons. better then ofc, but still a shitty disc. they could have tryed harder

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