Never Enough frontman Norman Matthew (ex-LYLAH) gives a track by track overview of Never Enough’s forthcoming debut

Never Enough frontman Norman Matthew (ex-LYLAH) has given a track by track overview of Never Enough’s forthcoming Corporate Punishment debut, which lands in stores on November 20th, 2007.

This track was born from a piano and string arrangement I had done in the vein of Queen of The Damned and Underworld, dark and beautiful. Lyrically it’s about the curse of addictions that we all have and the destruction it breeds in our lives when spun out of control. We need it, we crave it, but the kiss can also kill you…We all have addictions, Everyone’s addictions are different For some its drugs, for some its love….

Dark industrial keyboard intro, heavy choruses that needed to convey musically how I was feeling and translate the emotional state I was in. I was in a real dark place before we started NEVER 3NOUGH. I had been through so much, been screwed, burnt and scarred and In many ways I had become bitter, hurt, sad, scared, brutal, confused and lost and totally tearing apart myself and everything that came in my path. There are these haunting vocals over the verses that to me signify the devil on my back, walking behind me. Every day I was walking i n a haze wondering if I would ever be me again and leave behind the devil I had become.

Heavy, Killer, Hook laden guitar intro and huge chorus that For me is about people only seeing on the surface, not digging deeper to find out what is really going on with someone. ‘Lot of times we mask our true feelings, but deep inside we are an ocean unto ourselves, deeps seas of emotions longing for someone or something to dig deep and save you.

Heavy, Heavy track! Keith sang on this song and did a great job! It was cool to have a track with him singing as he had sung for THROWDOWN for a while and it was so dope to hear him at it. I thought his vocal truly captured the rawness and edge the song needed. It’s so fun to play at rehearsal and Live I get to take a breath, step back and jump around stage just playing guitar! It will also give the listener on CD as well as live something different to hear and see and keep things fresh.

This song will definitely be the most controversial of the album. Anytime you bring politics and religion into question, you are sure to raise a few brows and piss some people off, which is exactly why I love this track! We’re not trying to take a holier than thou soapbox stance, it’s more about seeking your own answers to your own questions. Everyone has something they are looking for and I am in no way an example to follow, but I do think when u see things, especially politics, look at it with a little more of a realistic perspective, question those in power, we have every right and we should express it. It’s our world we live in, time to take the power back. Musically it pounds from beginning to end.

Emotional, dark, heavy track, huge chorus with a haunting string intro that takes you through the course of a Turbulent relationship. This was an Emotionally abusive relationship with cause for alarm every time you turn around for anything and everything under the sun. Your significant others failure to be happy with themselves and exhausting measure to make you feel as horrible as them and their poisoned heart has torn you apart. The blaming is draining, in darkness you’ll fall, but at this moment, it’s better than feeling like nothing at all.

One of the best Tears For Fears songs ever! The chorus is so big it’s unreal! Someone emailed me saying “didn’t you know DISTURBED covered this song?” Sadly I had to respond with, “well I don’t really listen to DISTURBED enough to know that they did.” I’m super proud of our version and the programming in the track. When the guys threw out the idea of covering “SHOUT” I freaked out! Tears For Fears Vocalist Roland Orzabal and I have the same vocal range so replicating the original vocal itself and taking it a step further was not a task at all and in fact, it was one of the most enjoyable times I’ve had in recording and I feel the song translated over very well, doing it our way, our style.

The biggest piece of me was left in this song, a part of my life and I needed it apparent. The static at the opening of the track signified my soul having lost its signal. Most of the vocal tracks were done in a couple takes. I wanted every bit of this song to be felt by the listener. I was a couple days away from heading out to California to record and Keith texted me saying he wanted me to write an acoustic track that was Dark, sensitive and emotional. I love challenges and Molding it into our style was going to be the best part by trying to stay away from the traditional stock sounds and basic song structure, while not alienating you from the emotion. So I lit the candles, grabbed my acoustic and let it flow and what became of it was one of the best songs I think I’ve ever written. I lyrically dug into my soul, searched every gap and even ended up very sad during the course of tracking the song. On the last chorus I was so into the moment and vibe I did it in one take! I had felt that feeling of lost love and felt the need for the apology to really be heartfelt and the most sincere thing I had in me at that moment. I needed that certain someone on the other end to truly feel me and to “Hush those lips and forgive me, ‘because I can’t breathe with you”…

Great DEPECHE MODE style drum groove intro! A sleek mix of heavy, dark and melodic. Even now that the record is done I still listen to this song once a day. The Chorus and guitar riff in the chorus are completely addicting for me and I just can’t get enough, it reminds me of ORGY with the super distorted electronic sounding guitars and keys over the hook. I long to be where the sun never burns and the rain never stops, then and there I can feel safe, secure and hidden in the rain from the cruel prying eye we live under. We all have secrets we want to keep.

Such a final sounding song, the perfect closing track and ending paragraph to Chapter One. It’s about that hole in your heart; that void in you that no matter what you just can’t seem to fill… Can’t eat, sleep, think and won’t be content until you can fill that deep hole inside of you.

Never Enough is the new project from Eighteen Visions’ guitarist Keith Barney (ex-Throwdown) and drummer Trevor Friedrich, and former Lylah frontman Norman Matthew. Fans can preview material from their forthcoming debut at h

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