New American Shame – S/T [ADB]

This was released in 1999 on Will Records, 8 songs, and this band is a 5 piece based in Seattle.The inside cover has a really cool looking naked punk chick in it. The band vocalist has a 80s glam sound , which is most closely related to the black crowes.The guitars are really good sounding, and the riffs are top notch.The guitarist can pull off some pretty good solos as well. New American Shame would fit in the best glam bands that were around in 1991.Luckily, this seattle band isnt a grunge or post grunge band. Grunge bands usually have no talent. However, the bass can barley be heard on this recording, as is typical with non punk bands. They also have a sound similar to Jackyl and Hilljack. They are really good rock/metal that rides the new wave of glam that is also being milked by the xMODELs. The lead singer can also sound like the guy from AC/DC. They can be reached at 1122 E Pike, Seattle WA 98122

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Author: James McQuiston

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