Orange 9mm – Pretend I’m Human [ADB]

This is on NG records, and it has 10 songs. O9MM is a rock/rap metal band with a black lead singer. This is a 3 piece band with Chaka Malik on Vocals, Taylor Mcham on Guitars and Bass and Matthew Cross on Drums.The rap on this album isn’t bad because it is of the “Old Skewl”, the lyrics are well written and the guitars are well placed. They change tempos extremely fast, from a fast rap-rock song to a slow depressive rap-black metal song, which is the best song on the CD (Touching Skies.)We then go to a head dropping medium tempo rap song. The nex few songs are mediocre rock/rap. But “Alien” is a great Korn-Style rap-metal song with screaming. “Tightrope” has a slow tempo, and it a ballad soul song. The last song is instrumental.


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