$parechange – Has Sincerity Gone Out of Style? [ADB]

1999, Released independently, and it has 17 songs from Cantons hometown heroes that might be playing at cool and phat august 20th. Pop punk in the style of the Tirekickers, Rancid, and Smash mouth. These guys are one of the biggest bands in Northern Ohio, and should be more popular. The songs on this disc were written from 95-99 and most (8) of the songs are 2:10 to 2:23 long. You can imagine how fast these songs are. $parechange is just speedy nice-guy pop-punk. The guitars on this disc are amazingly good for a pop punk band. They also happen to sound a little bit like MxPx. Exit 111 is really slow and a boring sounding surf punk song that is instrumental. And the seasons may change boarders on being a Indy Rock song, but it isn’t because there are fast parts in the song. Most of the songs are very emotionally written, and many people may not hear the true meaning through all the guitar noise.

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Author: James McQuiston

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