Samiam – You are Freaking Me Out [ADB]

This album was released in 1998 on Ignition Records, and it has 13 songs .This band has been around for 9 years, and has been on 7 labels, including Atlantic Records. On this cd they cover a Beatles song (Cry Baby Cry). The band is a Punk/Indy Rock band with decent guitars and bass. They at times sound like Jargon, Mock Orange, The Weakerthans, and Creed. They can be reached at The bands songs are very radio-friendly, being pleasing to the ear. Samiam’s songs mix together, with each one sounding pretty close to the others .They have above average guitar playing, and bass playing, but the lyrics are not very good when they are put into a musical form. Samiam’s music is music that could be put as elevator music without any problem at all. This album is almost a totally mediocre one, but the guitar playing saves it from being a waste.

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Author: James McQuiston

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