Screeching Weasel – Boogadabocgadabocgada [ADB]

Originally released in 1998, this album has been repressed countless time by Lookout Records. It has 26 songs, and I paid $1 for the CD. This album provides us with an insight into punk history, at a time when punk had a massive underground following but no major support. Bands such as SW, Bad Religion, Operation Ivy, and Social Distortion all provided the platform for the whole new wave of punk music to invade in the 1990’s. While not as politically minded or as metal influenced as Bad Religion or as country influenced as Social D, SW provides a great sound that includes elements of MOD, Bad Religion, and some of the popular metal of the time. The guitar lines and songs sometimes run together, as in the case of “Stupid Over You” and “Hey Suburbia”. The cover of “Runaway” has to be one of the best covers i think i have over heard. All of the songs are short, as with most of the “Punk” bands. Along with Operation Ivy, SW has to be one of the biggest influences on the pop punkers of today. While most new pop punk is not created with such a burning intensity, it still has mucho talento. Pick up this album.

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Author: James McQuiston

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