Shinjuku Thief – The Witch Hammer [ADB]

This has 14 songs, and was released om 1993 on Relic Records, which is an Austrailian part of Projekt Records. Shinjuku Thief is an Ambient band, with their compositions painting pictures. For example in “Takkjirn”, at the beginning their is a fire cracking, and wind blows and thunder crashes. There are instrumental tracks on this album too. Shinjuku Thief can also change momentum at a moments notice. When i was listening to “Waltz of the Midwives” i was unaware of the fast part and almost pissed myself. The music is composed by 1 person, but played by 6 . The music really makes you feel as if you were actually at the event. What I imagine when i listen to this album is a Dark Ages Europe in which I am an adventurer. This is a very well composed and played piece of work that is very good to zone out to. If you are into any sort of slow music at all, i would definitely recommend you go and special order their CD. This is the epitome of Goth/Ambient bands, and this is the band
they should copy.


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