Sick Of It All – Just Look Around [ADB]

On Relativity Records, with 13 songs. SOIA is metal/hardcore with political lyrics. Really good sounding metal riffs, and some cool bass lines, and great drums all the way through. I compare SOIA to Exodus and Pantera and DRI. The songs on this disc are also really short, going from the longest at 3:05 to the shortest at 1:31. Most of theses songs are more metal then anything, which isn’t bad because SOIA plays a good style of metal. They play all speeds of metal from Slayer like speed metal to Deicide emulating death metal. SOIAs songs frequently talk about bonding together to fight the greater evil. one of these songs is anti-gang (What’s going on). “Just look around” is about how we shouldn’t be fighting the fellow man but we should fight the govt. This song is the best song on the disc, being strong is sound and lyrics, taking the delivery from rap songs. However the lyrics transcriber doesn’t know his grammar – “fools is what we are” . Really talented HC/metal band in a usually shitty genre.

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Author: James McQuiston

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