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Silence Is Safety – S/T / 2007 Teeno / 7 Tracks / /

Silence Is Safety plays a style of rock that has not been heard on the radio for about ten years. There are hints of the Goo Goo Dolls as well as with the Spin Doctors, but the energy present during this track is high enough that individuals can get behind this female-lead band. “He Doesn’t Know” shows the vocalist for Silence Is Safety as someone that has heard more than eir fair share of Switchblade Kittens. The band’s instrumental arrangements could use a little bit of variation and tweaking, but what the band does during this track is give individuals some sense of what the band is trying to do with their music. “I Can’t Tell You Why” is the follow up to “He Doesn’t Know”.

This track tries to throw in a little bit of a ska up-strum on the guitar with an emotive, almost gothic type of vocal style. While this sounds on the surface to be a little bit of a Frankenstein’s monster, the slinky, shambling style of Silence Is Safety during this track is alluring, and will keep individuals listening in for a few more tracks. “Your Glass Floor” speeds things back up, and while the band runs into the same problem concerning the lack of variation in the instrumental side of things, the energy of the vocalist saves the track from being a complete wash. Furthermore, the odd time signature present in the delivery of the vocals will keep individuals tuned in to what Silence Is Safety is trying to do. This self titled EP has its moments, but the one thing that needs to be done before the band gets any bigger is a revision of the band’s musical output. If the act can change up their arrangements, there will be no limit to how popular they become; here’s to hoping that they do just that.

Top Track: Nothing’s Left to Hide

Rating: 5.7/10

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