Slug #220

Slug #220 / Free / 1:00 / 68M / / Reviewed 10 June 2007

I have said this before, but Slug is one of the best scene-specific magazines out there. Oftentimes, I will forget that the magazine has much to do with Salt Lake City; the pieces are written well enough and are interesting enough to keep individuals interested, no matter how far they are away. Expect to see a high incidence of advertisements in Slug than other paid magazines, but unlike many of the other scene magazines, Slug does not have a majority of ads present throughout the issue. Specifically present in this issue are pieces about On the Rag Records, a feminist label created by a member of All or Nothing Hardcore, bite-sized reviews about this year’s SXSW, and a feature piece about Ted Leo. Of course, this all happens in the first half of the magazine; there are other things such as the self-interview of Laura Hadar and a description of the world superpipe championships to really firm up the second half of this issue. The best value in this issue of Slug for me has to be the short, specific, and terse reviews that finish off this issue. There may only be 150-200 words present in a review, but individuals are clued in to exactly how the band sounds or the movie works. Slug is like the character in the Everclear song; it is everything to everyone. Make it a point to go around Salt Lake City and pick up a copy, or send them a few bucks and get a copy or two.

Rating: 7.4/10

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Author: James McQuiston

Ph.D. in Political Science, Kent State University. I have been the editor at NeuFutur / since I was 15. Looking for new staff members all the time; email me if you are interested. Thanks!

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