SMP/Thine Eyes/Noxious Emotion/Fockewolf Tape [ADB]

Wow…4 similar bands that sound completely different from each other.

SMP: This band is the best on the tape. They sound like Hate Dept. and fully pull off the gothic/ GOOD industrial sound. I really hope SMP gets a full length album out, so i can be in pure technical nirvana.

Noxious Emotion: This band sounds like older Manson, NIN, KMFDM, and Aphex Twin. They are obviously influenced by KMFDM, since they totally cop the screaming vocals and the scratchy synthesizers.

Thine Eyes: This band is pure noise. I really dont like this type of music, unless it has a musical base that some Black metal has. Thine Eyes gives me a headache.

Fockewulf: This band is the 2nd best on the tape. The band has a female lead singer, and as a whole the band sounds like Portishead and Garbage. Fockewulf is a really good trip hop band, and the band sounds like it has gothic influences. It sounds like this because below all the levels of the music, there is a etheral flow.

Overall Rating of the tape: 6/10

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