Social Distortion – Prison Bound / Live At The Roxy [ADB]

The album has 10 bursts of music from this band on Time Bomb, originally released in 1988. SD has been around for nearly 20 years ,getting started in 1981. They cover the Rolling Stones song “Backstreet Girl”. Time Bomb was the label created by Mike Ness after they sold out to Sony. This is good, raspy 2nd wave political punk. The guitars, also by Mike Ness, are amazing. Bugjuice took a song off this album (Indulgence) and made it their theme song. Indulgence gets annoying, with too many lulls in the song (bass solos). This album is country influenced, and lyrics about illegality rule (Like an Outlaw, Prison Bound). Their cover of “Backstreet Girl” is much better then the original. “Prison Bound” is the most political and well written song on the disc. “No Pain No Gain” is the next and worst song, musically and lyrically, on the disc, with a slow, shambling gait. “On My Nerves” is a song about everyday life, with excellent Rockabilly riffs. About 25% of the songs are slower speed, which makes them sound similar (NPNC< Lawless) "Lost Child" is a faster song, but it is chock full of politics. Rating:7/10 Social Distortion - Live at the Roxy This cd is a live performance recorded between April 7-9 1998, at the Roxy, with 17 songs on Time Bomb. The annonying things about these songs is that Ness introduces all of them. The songs are a set of their biggest smashes. They cover "Under My Thumb" by the Stones and "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. This was just released to get gullible punks to pay $11 for another SD CD. All of the songs sound like they were played in a studio because they have such great equipment and recording.Personally, I would like to listen to a whole disc of a shitty live sounding band then this over-produced shit. Go buy a real SD album or better yet, a bootleg, before you buy this shite. Believe me, Ness' voice when he is speaking gets old really fast. Song 18 is not listen on the CD because it is a goof off after the show track. Ring of Fire is better then the original, which is hard to do because the original is amazing. Under my Thumb is another cover that is better then the original. Get this only if you need a compilation of SD songs. Rating:5/10

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