Tankard – Hair of the Dog [ADB]

This tape is a 10 song complication from 1989, covering Tankards career from 1986-1989. This, as with most good metal albums, is on Noise/Futurist records. They were a German metal band, and their fan club can be reached at: Jochen Graf: Po Box 55 02 62, 6000 Frankfurt #55. the vocals are all delivered by Screaming, and they sound like Metallica, Exodus, Pantera, Megadeth, Autopsy, and Coroner. They had 4 albums out. 300 beats a second drums combine with fast guitar to make good 1980s metal that is by no means glam. The main phrase of the chorus is always the song title. The guitar player holds up well under stress, and produces some amazing guitar solos. The bass is not noticeable and Tankard is a speed/thrash metal band. Like most other speed or thrash metal bands They died in just a few short years .The good thing is that all of Tankards members wrote the songs, instead of just the lead singer. This is brutal, speedy wrong headed metal that fit the 1980s

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