Teenmilk – S/T [ADB]

This is an 11 song tape, and it was self released. They tout themselves as New York Cities oldest noise band. They are more of an industrial band then a noise band, because noise bands are usually just random noise, while industrial bands have some harmony, and Teenmilk has a little bit. Teenmilk has brutal-sounding riffs, definitely drawing parallels to bands like Overkill and Exodus.This is hate-indsutrial music, in which the lyrics are spat out with amazing power. They have a song about hating school, which is almost trivial nowadays. The chorus in this song is “I don’t like school” If anything, they kind of sound like a mix of Pantera, Korn , and Cannibal Corpse. All members of the band get a solo on this album, which makes for an old mix. They are off in all different directions, yet they still can make songs.
Rating 5/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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