The Good Night Fight – Serpentine

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The Good Night Fight start off their “Serpentine” EPO with a track in “Conqueror Worm” that is nothing out of the ordinary. What the band does during this track is throw in screaming, metal-like vocals with a set of instruments that would work well in a Fu Manchu or a CKY disc. The resulting sound is not very impressive, coming forth like a second rate Pantera. Couple the weak effort taken during this track with the fact that the song is almost a minute longer than any of the other tracks on the disc, and what individuals have is little reason to continue with this disc. The guitar work during “The Kid Is Back” is decent, but the band slides back into the same style that was all too common during “Conqueror Worm”. “The Kid Is Back” shows a passable side of The Good Night Fight during the chorus.

The catchiness of the chorus is what saves the track, even if what comes forth is similar to the work of all the other nu-rock bands that are currently on the market. It is not as if The Good Night Fight has a lack of skill or ability, but rather that the influences that they draw upon are not interesting in and of themselves. Furthermore, what The Good Night Fight during “Serpentine” shows that they do not distinguish themselves far enough away from these influences. “Frontline” has a few bright spots but shows a band that is struggling to come forth with their own sound and ultimately not showing anything that is particularly interesting or ahead of the curve. The Good Night Fight should go back into the study and attempt to come up with something that is pleasing to themselves as well as is different enough from the rest of the bands currently trying to make it on the hard rock scene.

Top Track: Frontline

Rating: 2.5/10

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