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The Narrows – Benjamin / 2007 Wantage / 4 Tracks / /

The Narrows start off their “Benjamin” with a heavy bit of drudge and sludge, in “The Sasquatch”. “The Sasquatch” has much more of a pop style to it than would be present on a The End Records or Hydra Head Records band, and at points, I can hear a little bit of Audioslave present in the band’s style. This does not mean that the average chach / fratty will be able to get into the music. What may just be the strongest point of The Narrows during the early part of this CD would have to be their ability to construct a narrative for a full two minutes before the tortured, intense vocals take their place at the front of the track. When the vocals are fully integrated into “The Sasquatch”, something is constructed that feels very organic and very much a part of the early nineties.

“Last Of The Norsemen” is a track that takes a much different tack than did “The Sasquatch”. The slower, quieter style of “Last of the Norsemen” acts as a diametric opposite to “The Sasquatch”, and it shows what all The Narrows can do. The track finds some way to be a third longer than the already harrowing 9 minute runtime of “The Sasquatch”, so it is really a testament to their ability that The Narrows are able to keep individuals interested throughout the first twenty-two minutes of this EP. “Quellish” is more of the same slow style first heard during “Last of the Norsemen”; the major twist comes when the band throws the same grunge-heavy guitar lines throughout the chorus of the track. The Narrows play to the group of heavy metal kids that still like to get absolutely blazed and zonk out to some hard and heavy music. “Benjamin” satisfies that need.

Top Track: Quellish

Rating: 6.1/10

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