The Queers – A Day Late and a Dollar Short [ADB]

A discography from 1982 on with 34 tracks, the last one being a live set on college radio. This is on Lookout, and was release sometime after 1995. The album has all their big hits , including “Kicked Out of The Webelos” and “I want Cunt”. There are like 3 repeated songs on the disc. The songs are extremely fast and the lyrics are funny as fuck. When i say short, I mean about 30 seconds. The band has been around since 1982, in many different forms. “Love Me” is a really kickass song, and so is “Kicked out of the Webelos”. The Queers are an awesome old school party punk band that makes you laugh every time. The lyrics are somewhat hard to hear, but that only adds to the mystique of the Queers. This is one of the best bands ever to have a record of theirs released on lookout. The bass on all of these tracks is paramount, which means that it is really loud and fast. This joins the guitars and the muffled drums perfectly. The Queers are cleaner sounding than Crass, more goofy then the Ramones, and more insane then the Buzzcocks. All of the songs are way different sounding from each other. As the cd progresses, the guitars and bass sound more focused.

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