The Saw Doctors – Songs from Sun Street [ADB]

This album was released in 1998 by Shamtown Records, and it has 15 songs .This band is from Ireland. It is a 5 piece band. Their web page is at They can be mailed at Una McGrath, 141 Greenland Ave.,Ewing,NJ 08638. This is good rock with fast and slow parts, and goofy parts as well. This is really well-written and composed songs, in an era when garbage is popular and well written music is spat upon. This type of music depresses me because it is so heavily personal and it tells a story, and it just kills me for some reason. The Saw Doctors add an accordion and a m’bira to the usual mix to make a great sound. In fact, they can even change tempos and still make a cohesive album . They go from a slow acoustic song (Heading for the Sunshine) to a fast, silly song (Calriona tells Lies) to a rock song (blah blah blah). A veritable chameleon of a band that brings a breath of live into a dying genre of music.

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Author: James McQuiston

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