The Suicide Machines – Live Live Live / Definition of Destruction [ADB]

Ahh….the ever popular poser band The Suicide Machines. I know i am going to piss off the legions of their fans, but i thought TSM are mediocre punk that just to get famous, put horns in their band. All their songs start off good, but then it just goes into bad 3rd wave ska. The only indication that i have heard that TSM are good are 2 songs, one off destruction by definition, and one off Live! Live! Live! The songs are S.O.S and Hating Hate. Both songs indicate that TSM have more talent outside of the current ska fad . They are on Hollywood Records, which is a label that Disney owns. Note: Live! Live! Live! is a promo, so all the rich skunks don’t have it and i do.

Live Live Live gets a 6 of 10

Definition of Destruction gets a 5 of 10

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