The Unknown – Still Unknown [ADB]

12 song CD on jiffi pop records. Nice guy pop punk in the vein of $parechange of JFT with a little better guitar playing then the former. The bass is audible with well written lines. The guitarist isn’t afraid to some good wailing riffs .The vocals sound like a few other pop punk bands , and the lyrics usually deal with lost love. Some of the songs are actually different sounding, which makes this lot better then some of the PP crap out there now. Apparently, from what i read in the liner notes, the band has been around for 9 years. The band is a 4 piece and a set of brothers are in the band. The pop punk is more rock then pop, and it is infectious. The only bad thing about this band is that their songs some times sound the same as the prior ones. “Store” has an eerie 80’s feel, sounding a bit like A-HA’s “Take on Me”, where the song has a depressing beat. All and all, a good album that isnt another pop punk made for the record labels disc. “Biff the Cat” has the same depressing sound to it. “Different Eyes” sounds a song that should be a single

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Author: James McQuiston

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