Unwritten Law – Blue Room [ADB]

Nice guy punk rock with 5 members. This fits in perfectly with bands on Epitaph and Fat Wreck. They had some talent, but they sold their soul to Epic, was canned, and then signed to Interscope. None of the instruments stand out much because they are too clean sounding, so they mix together. Unwritten Law is not without its charm however, because the songs are not that bad sounding, but the lyrics are just about love, which is typical pop punk. This CD is OK if you listen to it while you are working on something, because it is awesome car driving happy music. There just simply not much to the music. All of the guitar riffs are boring, the drumming is cliche, the bass is almost non existent, and the vocalist is annoying. This is another album that you buy and forget about, because there is simply nothing awe striking on this disc. This shouldn’t even be called pop punk , it should be called punk-pop. There is nothing here that shows me that they are punk

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Author: James McQuiston

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