Vote Quimby – S/T [ADB]

8 songs, self released in 1999. They are great, fast pop; punk with catchy hooks and excellent audible bass playing. Although they are pop punk, they avoid the pitfalls that most pop punk bands fall into, like to glossy of a sound, or writing songs for MTV .The vocalist sounds like the singer of NOfx and the singer from the living end. They are a band that has some serious talent to work with. It was worth the 3 months i waited for this tape to come. The song lengths on this tape are extremely short. The best song on the tape is “Your sister’s a brat”. which is too fucking good to describe. The recording is good for a 2nd gen tape, only being a little bit muddy. The songs all sound different ,which is an always a plus. The main thing that is somewhat annoying is that about half of the songs are about love. When i do get a g/f, these songs will be great, but it will be about 2011 before i get one.

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Author: James McQuiston

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