Whippersnapper – The Long Walk / America’s Favorite Pastime

Whippersnapper-the long walk
Released on Lobster Records in 1999, with 12 songs. Cost to me: free. The great follow-up to 1998’s “Americas Favorite Pastime”. After a change in lineup, Whippersnapper is back, with a tighter pop punk sound. The songs are extremely catchy and extremely well played. The guitar lines, as well as the bass, are killer. “The long walk” is a step up from “America’s Favorite Pastime”, both lyrically and musically. Whippersnapper has matured, and this is a great expressions of their talent. They move away from the typical pop-punk and add a few tricks to their repertoire, including a layered set of vocals on a few songs. “The Long walk” is an album that will be one of the best i have received for 1999. The melodies contained on this album will drive you on to the ground and make you scream with delight. All of the songs on the disc have their own unique sound, none with the same sound as the others. It is rare to find an album of this caliber anywhere, so I implore you to pick up this disc. This will not disappoint at all, and it should open your eyes to the great bands on Lobster Records.


Whippersnapper-America`s Favorite Pastime

This was released in 1998 on Lobster Records. This is fast 3rd wave punk with fast vocals and guitars. This is very good moshing music, and the guitarist can also play different chords besides the usual 3-chord punk maximum. This is Punk dashed with Indy, and Rock. Whippersnapper sounds somewhat similar to the Offspring and Weezer. The lead vocalist can sing amazingly fast and he can still be understood. This is a very good sounding and well produced album. This music puts me in a good mood.


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