Do As I Say, Not As I Do #1

Do As I Say, Not As I Do #1 / 1/4th Size / 24 Pages / Kelly, 3017 11th St, NW , Washington DC 20001 /

Another of the quality zines being put out by one of zinedom’s first couple : Kelly and Jamez. This time, Kelly picks up the pen and goes at it for her first go at making a zine. The only think I have to say about this zine is that I wish I was so talented with my first issue, or actually, with any of the material I have ever put out. This first issue deals with Kelly taking home her transgendered boyfriend, and the issues that arose when she came out to her family. Feeling “invisible” with her birth family, Kelly does end up finding a family that makes her feel safe and welcome : the collective GLBT movement, or in specific, her friend from high school’s lesbian mother. Aside from the story (written as if Kelly was actually standing in front of people and talking to them about it – comfortable and casual), the whole zine is done in an incredibly handwritten script, along with little doodles and such to illustrate her story all the much better. This zine will continue – with your help – Kelly is currently accepting all submissions that answer the following question positively : “Has your family ever said or done anything that made you scratch your head and wonder how you turned out ok? Do As I Say, Not As I Do is one of these rare zines that I can not find a single fault the numerous times I’ve been through it, and I only hope that future issues of the zine will be written with the same level of talent that this first one was.

Rating : 9.0/10

Seven Mary Three Come Forth with “Day and Night Driving” 2/19

Seven Mary Three has signed to Bellum Records (a division of ICON MES), and on February 19, 2008 will release their sixth album DAY&NIGHTDRIVING. The first single, “Last Kiss,” impacts Rock radio formats on February 4th, along with a music video to be serviced to all local, regional, and national broadcast outlets as well as online and retail. The band will host a record release show in their hometown of Orlando, FL, on Feb. 22-23, with fans from all over the world expected to attend.
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Carbon 14 #26

Carbon 14 #26 / $6 / 1:15 / 124M / / / 

Carbon 14 is always such a strong zine because its focus is not on the bands that are being relentlessly promoted by PR firms, or topics that have become famous in the internet community (Homestar Runner, Emo Game, etc). Rather, Carbon 14 has a certain dirty luster to it that allows the zine to talk about wrestling, utterly random topics (Diary of a Rock ‘N’ Roll Fiend is written much like a Jay Leno monologue, but actually funny). Honestly, how many zines would give a showcase to an adult video convention, fearing that if they did so they would lose some of their Christian/younger-focused advertisers? Carbon 14 just doesn’t care, only throwing in ads when they positively, absolutely have to make some cashola – the higher zine price is evidence of that, but the additional content is well worth the somewhat pricy cost of the zine. Every review in the pages of Carbon 14 does a double duty; they serve the individuals sending the materials because they are so accurate and free from Pitchfork-like snarkiness, and serve the readers by turning people onto acts or movies that they might never hear of (for example, Japan’s recent import Battle Royale). Porn, wrestling, music, and movies are Carbon 14’s bread and butter, and each issue has ample amounts of all four; if this sounds like your bag, pick it up! Hell, the $6 will not even seem as bad when one considers that a form of music accompanies the disc – this issue has a compilation CD with it, while previous issues have had 7 inch vinyls.

Rating: 6.9/10

Blue Scholars Continue Riding Wave of Success for Joe Metro EP

In the midst of a five-year run that has seen the release of two full-length albums, an EP, and countless packed shows, SeattleÂ’s Blue Scholars continue to the carry the torch for the Pacific NorthwestÂ’s burgeoning Hip-Hop scene. With their latest release Bayani leaving an indelible mark on 2007, the duo has built on the momentum of their critically-lauded album with a restless schedule of national and regional touring. In further efforts to stay in motion, Blue Scholars have hit the studio to record their new digital-only EP, Joe Metro, before embarking on their upcoming third full-length. Continue reading “Blue Scholars Continue Riding Wave of Success for Joe Metro EP”

Carbon 14 #25

Carbon 14 #25 / $6 / 1:20 / 124M / PO Box 29247, Phila., PA 925 / /

Carbon 14 is probably the only magazine on the face of this earth that I would willingly pay $6 for, and this issue is no different. In fact, this may be their strongest outing yet, in which The Fleshtones are interviewed, two pages are given to one of Mexico’s longest-running movie men, Santo, and a side-piece from Emil Nitrate, the editor of the Hungover Gourmet. As usual, Carbon 14 gives quite a bit of time to a pop-culture influenced artist, this time giving the nod to Ron English, a hyper-realistic artist who successfully makes the kitschiest figures emotionally affecting. Bringing back figures from the periphery of popular culture, such as Harley Race (former NWA champion), and figures that will never get the true notice that they deserve (Justice Howard’s “Evil Divas”). The layout on this issue is fantastic – the aforementioned Evil Divas piece is spread out over 7 pages, but the pictures are vibrant full color, the text not too bulky, and the article overall interesting. There are some minor issues to be found during this issue, though – the “Melk the G6 49” article is hard to read towards the top, where the grey text is only visible through the glow that surrounds the text, and it is hard even with that aid to read. Overall, though Carbon 14 is still one of the most fun reads, wedging itself inbetween all the stoner, zine, and art magazines with the greatest of ease. Pick up this issue instead of art news or Cashiers du Cinemart – you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 7.4/10

D.I.Y. Comix One-Shot

D.I.Y. Comix One-Shot

D.I.Y. Comix One-Shot / Free / Fourth-Sized / 20 Pages / /

This is the little cousin to Stolen Sharpie Revolution, but still has as much information in it as does its older sibling. The best thing about this mini-zine is the fact that it is free, and has a dummy-proof set of instructions on how to do various small projects in the process of creating a comic (but these will also work for any zine, as well). As with the other projects that I have seen by Shawn, the lettering is impeccable and the hand-drawn layouts are absolutely amazing. While the first 3/4ths of the zine is about specific things to create a successful comic, the last few pages in DIY Comix is devoted to the various places that stock independent comics as well as events that occur at various times in the year that individuals can show off their own work. This is what the independent scene, whether it be in the comic or zine field, needs. There are just too many negative and for-profit glossy endeavors that really detract from what the scene should be, and Shawn definitely tries to do eir’s best with this zine. While the information is geared towards those individuals who have not done anything in the way of independent media, I as an experienced zinester actually was able to use some of the information contained within. Make sure to get a copy of this, or possibly even a sequel if Shawn has did much work on this project, since I picked this up quite a few months ago.

Rating: 8.8/10

Camphor Releases “Drawn To Dust” in February on Friendly Fire

The substance known as camphor has historically been used in religious ceremonies, as a moth repellent, as an ingredient in fireworks, for the embalming of the dead, and for medicinal purposes such as the alleviation of heart symptoms and fatigue. The music of Camphor has many of the same powers …

Camphor, a New York-based indie pop group, is built around the songwriting of Max Avery Lichtenstein. If Max’s name rings a bell, you may recognize him from his unconventional instrumental music for critically-acclaimed independent movies including Tarnation, Jesus’ Son and The King. As a film composer, Max has proven himself quite adept at pushing emotional buttons with his beguiling sense of melody and judicious use of creative production techniques. Continue reading “Camphor Releases “Drawn To Dust” in February on Friendly Fire”

Sam Champion Release Debut Free Single on RCRD LBL Today

Look Out For Sophomore LP In 2008
Sam Champion have just released ” Your Party Was Yesterday?” an exclusive MP3 for the new online record label RCRD LBL. “Your Party Was Yesterday?” is the debut single from the group’s SM CHMPN RCRD LBL EP. The EP, available for legal and free download only at RCRD, will feature four songs, with a new track being released every month thru March.Fans looking to keep tabs on Sam Champion can download their RCRD LBL widgets and check out tour dates, photos and streams of their songs.


After a self-imposed studio exile this Winter and free from their contract from their previous label, New York’s Sam Champion are set to deliver on the promise of their acclaimed live act with the brand new album HEAVENLY BENDER. Written and recorded in Brooklyn basements, home studios and creaky barns, the band’s second effort shows a new sonic vision; an expansive range of sounds and songs that are poised to leave an indelible mark on mouse pads and year end playlists everywhere. Their first single, “Like a Secret”, leaked to

Stereogum this Spring and had 6,500 downloads within a week. We like that! “Every so often, a band you think you have pegged will evolve from a plain old “good act” to an absolute force of nature. Meet Sam Champion… New lead off track, “Like a Secret” combines a summery mix of slide-guitars and tom-slapping verse beats into an easy blend of breeze and bombast,” exclaims Stereogum!

This New York City quartet is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Noah Chernin, drummer/vocalist Ryan Thornton, bassist/vocalist Jack Dolgen, and guitarist/vocalist Sean Sullivan, the band released its debut album, Slow Rewind, on Razor & Tie in September of 2005. A three-track EP, ‘Be Mine Everyone’, will be released in the UK October 1st, featuring album tracks “Be Mine Everyone” “Direct” and home demo “What if You Knew?” it’s a testament to the melodic and energetic spirit of this talented New York band.

About RCRD LBL: RCRD LBL is a network of ad-supported online record labels and blogs offering completely free music and multimedia content from emerging and established artists. The site, which launched in November of 2007, is a joint venture between Downtown Music and Peter Rojas and is based in New York City.

Opeth – The Roundhouse Tapes

Opeth – The Roundhouse Tapes / 2007 Peaceville / 9 Tracks / / /  

Opeth have been making intense metal music since 1990, and they have been doing just that with singer Mikael since 1992. Since then, they have provided fans with 8 full length albums and a smattering of other material. “The Roundhouse Tapes” are recordings that were captured from a live performance at (you guessed it) the Roundhouse, a venue in London. This review is for the audio version of the release; plans are already underway to release a DVD version of these recordings sometime in 2008. “The Roundhouse Tapes” has a number of Opeth hits, whether it be “Ghost of Perdition”, “Demon of the Fall”, or “Face of Melinda”.  Continue reading “Opeth – The Roundhouse Tapes”