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I know that for a while back during my senior year of high school and the summer before the first year of my undergraduate college career, I liked a lot of Christian music. I still never went (and really never have been) to church, but I liked the sound of sounds in that style and gave them kudos as they did actually have some message to push in their music. Amy Grant was one of those individuals, and while I liked a lot of eir earlier music (back when ey was essentially the Madonna of Christian music), I was not very familiar with the more current stuff that ey had put out. This is where the greatest hits album comes in, which provides 19 of Grant’s most known hits over the last thirty years (Grant’s debut was first released to the public in 1977).

Individuals that are Grant fans may be a little bit confused. Grant has already had two different greatest hits collections – “The Collection”, released in 1986, and Greatest Hits 1986-2004, released in 2004. What makes this a greatest hits album that is a must buy over the two albums is the fact that the songs collected do reach all the way out to 2006. The scattering of tracks over all of Grant’s albums is impressive in its own right; barring specific theme albums such as hymn-heavy works and Christmas-themed releases. Furthermore, the fidelity of the tracks is considerably higher than on either of these other greatest hits compilations, being digitally remastered.

Amy Grant has had a tremendous career in Christian music, achieving the longest lasting success in the genre of any one individual. “Greatest Hits” shows the evolution of Grant through these years and provides listeners with all of the hits that they can sing along with. The only thing that I could conceivably want with this “Greatest Hits” collection is a bundle package with a DVD and or a second CD. If these were present, there would be that much more of a reason to purchase this disc. As it is, the disc is well worth its purchase price, and only Grant completists may have to take a second to pick up the disc. Hopefully here in a few years, Grant will come out with a disc full of new music and start collecting tracks for eir next greatest hits collection.

Top Tracks: I Will Remember You, Angels

Rating: 6.2/10

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  1. Well said… I couldn’t agree more! As far as a collection of new music, Amy Grant recently said in an interview that she was working on new music that she would begin recording in January. Yipee! =)

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