An Australian Bike Dream Zine #1

An Australian Bike Dream Zine #1 / Free / Half-Sized / 44 Pages / /

Whenever I go down to Boxcar Books, I seem to pick up more than my fair share of biking and bike-related ‘zines. Not a bad thing, but an interesting phenomenon nonetheless. As the title may indicate, An Australian Bike Dream Zine is about one individual’s trek to and through a great amount of Australia. The narrative really is in a personal type of style, but Sarah writes so vibrantly that any individual will feel as if they are sharing each ride with eir. While almost all of Sarah’s interactions with people seem to be positive, the layout of the zine is fairly tame. Two very different points, but I’m not wondering if some accompanying doodles, such as are on the cover of the zine, would not help create a more homely environment in which to couch the details of the zine. Sarah does not get exactly where ey wants to get with eir’s trip, but it realls seems like ey has fun with the ride. The zine ends with a detailed idea of what would make the most sense to take along with an individual who would want to take a more extended trip. “The Set-Up”, detailing Sarah’s entourage of materials, goes into detail without being too technical, and really just puts out information without creating too much of a learning curve. Let me be clear: Sarah has an excellent, easy to read style, and the narrative re-told in this zine is one of the more vibrant that I’ve seen.

Rating : 7.8/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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