Anarchism and Violence: Selections From Anarchist Writings, 1896-1925

Anarchism and Violence: Selections From Anarchist Writings, 1896-1925 / :30 / Free / ICC, PO Box 712191, Los Angeles, CA 90071 /

I really hate philosophy. However, I like the free reproduction of ideas, and especially from anarchist scholars that I’ve never previously even heard of (except from other zinesters copping Malatesta’s name. To be honest, the writing style of Malatesta is much more accessible than most philosophers, and there seems to be an “I” speaking as opposed to the very direct and hortatory voice that comes through in many a philosophical text. The interesting piece in “Anarchism and Violence” that really makes one think is Malatesta’s attack on the primacy of passive resistance. The idea really runs parallel to my own personally held beliefs, which combat events like the “Day of Silence” by doing essentially the same thing that the oppressors do every day – force a subjugated group of people into a non-vocal role into society. What ends this zine is a mini-biography on Malatesta, which provides much more interesting fdared as it shows the incredible persecution that Malatesta had to face as a result of eir anarchistic beliefs. The ability to triumph over time is perhaps the major tenet that one can draw from Malatesta’s life and works, and it is through the reading of this zine that I feel that someone can be rejuvenated, a little bit of the caustic edge that permeates anarchism in the current period worn off by some of the successes of Malatesta.

Rating: 5.9/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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