Are We on Mars Yet?

Are We on Mars Yet? / :7 / 12S / Trade / Free (All) / Yul Tolbert, P.O. Box 02222, Detroit, MI 48202-9998 / / 

Okay, its Daria and Jane, very weakly reprising their roles from the Daria cartoon. Gone are the extremely witty comments on mundane society, and we see Daria and Jane as absolute shills for Yul’s magnificent ideas, ideas which it seems ey just stole from some random crack-pot website. The artist-style of Yul in drawing Daria and Jane is absolutely perfect, and ey puts them in positions that would not have been on any character sheets, so I think ey actually drew them, a plus in that column. While the comic itself may have been informative, I think if it was actually presented as a report, I could have taken more from the points that Yul brings up. Trying to channel it through Daria and Jane just adds a great deal of insincerity to the whole issue, as Yul obviously thought that no one would listen to eir’s theories unless ey put these two highly-recognizable cartoons into this comic. While the font selection (hand-drawn?) is interesting, definitely not the typical Times New Roman one encounters on so many different comics and zines, the fact is that Yul’s layout of the text makes it hard to read. Perhaps a higher contrast (brighter paper) would make the text much more readable. If Yul had Daria and Jane reprise their roles from the MTV cartoon and create new adventures for them, I could be on board. It just irks me when ey uses these two slacker paragons for something that the characters themselves would lambaste completely.

Rating: 2.8/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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