Atrophy Zine #11 : Toystore Handcuffs

Atrophy Zine #11 : Toystore Handcuffs (PO Box C-11, New Rochelle, NY 10804)

One of the few personal zines in the pile to review for this time, Atrophy #11 is Colin’s look back at the earliest days of his love life. Starting off at the tender young age of 14, Colin goes point by point through all of his romances, and all of the journal entries that accompanied those times. Thank the Goddess that Colin writes at a much higher level than he did when he was fifteen, as the zine would be a pure trial just to get through. What is truly classy in this issue of Atrophy zine is that Colin only puts the first letter of each girl’s name, instead of possibly causing embarrassment by possible identification of any and all groups. Aside from his naming system, what also provides an interesting window into Colin’s life is the recurrent themes of infidelity and drug-use, but yet still feeling pretty detached to Colin the person. Most killer line in this zine : “Friday night I performed the most laborious act of cunnilingus to date. It was grueling work…”. Only a truly innovative and crazy person could write a sexual encounter as if it was a Steinbeck novel, and that Is Colin.

Rating : 6.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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