BURNSIDE PROJECT Digitally Re-Releases Self-Titled Debut Remixes Radiohead’s Cover of Björk to Acclaim

Known for their seamless melding of indie rock musicianship with a beat-heavy electronic pulse, BURNSIDE PROJECT have digitally re-released their out-of-print self-titled debut on Fraga Music. With five added bonus tracks, the album has been remixed and remastered for a digital release and is available on iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody and the Other Music website.

Vocalist Richard Jankovich’s underground alterego, Pocket, quietly released a remix of Radiohead’s cover of Björk’s “Unravel”, which has already been hailed by both Stereogum (“We’ve always been fans but this is the deepest Pocket’s gone yet. Outstanding” ) and Pitchfork (“chops up Yorke’s vocal, adding squishy synths and introduces Radiohead to Björk herself”). His Pocket remixes of Antony & the Johnsons, Of Montreal, Catpower and Mendoza Line, have created quite a substantial underground buzz. “Unravel (Pocket Mix)” can be found at his website, www.music-by-pocket.com.

TRACKLISTING for Burnside Project
1) Telling
2) Apathy
3) On The Issues
4) Cleveland
5) Drainage
6) Hybrid
7) Wait
8) Sing With Me
9) Anywhere
10) Blowfish
11) Steven

Bonus Tracks:
12) Gravity Song (Original By Grant)
13) Starfire (Original By Low)
14) Scratch Goes The D.J.
15) If I Think Of Love (Original By Lisa Germano)
16) I Do Believe You’re Blushing (Original By Unrest)
17) Audio Liner Notes

Richard Jankovich began modestly as a one-man band with a pocketful of talented and willing collaborators. BURNSIDE PROJECT emerged organically from these sessions, fueled by Jankovich’s inate knack for merging strong melodies with indie guitar hooks, manipulated sounds and electronics. His unique sonic blend and cinematically-inspired arrangements were heralded by the press right out of the gate.

Jankovich’s melting pot approach charts diverse music landscapes: from the drum n’ bass-driven “Blowfish,” to the poetic indie dirge “Drainage,” to the slo-core meets trip hop of “Wait.” Songs like the opening track “Telling,” in which old school hiphop beats propel catchy “la-la-las” over jangly guitars, or the melodic storytelling of “Sing With Me” are more then mere hints of catchy pop sensibilities. They are the foundation for Jankovich’s multi-faceted approach to music and production, paving the way for Burnside Project’s critically-acclaimed 2003 release, The Networks, The Circuits, The Streams, The Harmonies, featuring the hit “Cue the Pulse to Begin,” best known as the Queer As Folk theme song.

Seven years later, this album still steers indie pop in fresh directions. The bedroom electronic recording lends an intimate and visceral quality. It’s a vital glimpse of the band’s earliest stage and a must-have for any fan.


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