Danica, My Love

I have not had much in the way of time to write for the zine. That’s likely why this issue has been about 6 months, if not more, in the making. Anyways, things are finally cooling down and I’ve been able to sneak away from my duties for a few minutes to write, so I thought that I’d give readers of NeuFutur a good idea about my personal life in the next few issues.

This piece, I’ve decided, will be about my girlfriend (finance in March, 2007), Danica Grannon. I have been seeing Danica since March 17th, 2004. To say that this has been the longest relationship of my life would be an understatement. Essentially, I started off talking to her on Yahoo Messenger. One thing led to another, and we finally met. The relationship followed soon after, and became on again and off again based on my own immaturity. There would be nights where I would just push Danica away, and just focus on getting drunk, screwing around at my parents’ house, or otherwise ignore her. The way I treated Danica in this early part of the relationship is something that I still regret to this very day. This type of relationship was not where I wanted to be but I knew at even this time that Danica was the woman that I wished to have. To make our relationship into something special, we needed some sort of event or point where everything changed. That point was January 2007, and things have not been the same since that point for our relationship.

What has pleased me the most is the number of milestones that Danica and I have accomplished through this last year. Picking her up from work and taking her places during the winter has made me much more comfortable driving in the dark. Furthermore, we’ve been to countless gas stations and convenience stores throughout Ohio, with Danica providing support no matter what weird thing I end up hunting for on that specific trip. Furthermore, Danica and I have done a number of things for ourselves as adults that we had only experienced as children – she took me down to Burr Oak to swim, while I’ve driven her all throughout Lancaster, on roads where I had only previously walked before. As the years roll on, I’m sure we’ll continue to update our experiences and create more of our own. However, to understand how special our relationship is, a few dates need to be dropped.

January 2007 marked the shift of our relationship from a typical teenage/post teenage one into something much more serious. However cheesy the idea may be to some individuals, I purchased a promise ring for Danica, setting the date of our engagement on March 17th, 2008. If things go well, the wedding date will follow soon after that. With me getting a car and actually being able to see Danica on a more regular basis, our relationship reached new levels of intensity.

The stars arranged themselves correctly in the summer of 2007, when Danica was actually allowed disappearing from her job for a weekend and was permitted to come up here to Kent State with me. At this writing, we are going up to Kent on a fairly regular basis, in visits to my apartment that are interspersed with trips back down to my parents’ home in Lancaster, Ohio. The Kent trips have held a number of memorable moments, whether it be the time that dicked around the pool at the recreation center for a good hour, went down the rollercoaster hill in the dark coming home from Parma, or even when I showed her all of the buildings and monuments that I had mentioned in our numerous phone conversations.

However, we do not hang out only in Kent, and it is no surprise that some of our best times have occurred in other locations. One of those events actually just happened a few weeks ago at the time of this writing. Danica had wanted me to come down to her family’s Thanksgiving celebration, which I was more than happy to go to. I actually got to meet a large swath of Danica’s family – another first for my relationship life – and met some pretty interesting people. While everyone was fun on their own right, special kudos had to go out to Jenna and Brent, two of Danica’s younger relations. Where I had been pretty anti-child (at least in regards to having them), the relative coolness of these kids made me sure that a child or two (with Danica) would not be a bad thing.

2008 holds more in the way of great things to happen to our relationship. We have already started to go forth and plan out a trip down to some chalets in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This trip hopefully will be the first time I’ve actually spent a spring break doing something besides sitting around the house. Obviously, I have to scrounge together a thousand or so for the engagement ring (Danica doesn’t mind how pricey the ring is, but I want to get her something that she will be proud of), so the spring break trip may have to be scaled back a little bit (the ring giving happens right around the time of Spring Break).

Regardless of whatever we end up doing, the one thing that I do know is that Danica and I will have fun. Where the time that I typically spend up here in Kent is filled with busy work and worrying whether I will be still able to stick with the Ph.D. program at Kent State, the time that Danica can come up makes up for any lonely nights that I’ve spent burning the midnight oil. I know that the later issues of NeuFutur have moved away from the personal aspect of things, but I feel that readers should get a little bit of a grasp of my life, so that they may understand where the rest of the pieces of the magazine come from.

Regardless, I hope individuals have a better idea about my life, and are able to understand exactly why I love Danica so – thanks for everything, hun. You complete me.

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Author: James McQuiston

Ph.D. in Political Science, Kent State University. I have been the editor at NeuFutur / neufutur.com since I was 15. Looking for new staff members all the time; email me if you are interested. Thanks!

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