D.I.Y. Comix One-Shot

D.I.Y. Comix One-Shot

D.I.Y. Comix One-Shot / Free / Fourth-Sized / 20 Pages / modernindustry@hotmail.com /

This is the little cousin to Stolen Sharpie Revolution, but still has as much information in it as does its older sibling. The best thing about this mini-zine is the fact that it is free, and has a dummy-proof set of instructions on how to do various small projects in the process of creating a comic (but these will also work for any zine, as well). As with the other projects that I have seen by Shawn, the lettering is impeccable and the hand-drawn layouts are absolutely amazing. While the first 3/4ths of the zine is about specific things to create a successful comic, the last few pages in DIY Comix is devoted to the various places that stock independent comics as well as events that occur at various times in the year that individuals can show off their own work. This is what the independent scene, whether it be in the comic or zine field, needs. There are just too many negative and for-profit glossy endeavors that really detract from what the scene should be, and Shawn definitely tries to do eir’s best with this zine. While the information is geared towards those individuals who have not done anything in the way of independent media, I as an experienced zinester actually was able to use some of the information contained within. Make sure to get a copy of this, or possibly even a sequel if Shawn has did much work on this project, since I picked this up quite a few months ago.

Rating: 8.8/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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