Dog in Space #7

Dog in Space #7 / Half-Sized / 40 Pages / Dog in Space c/o Jess, 4007 Dorcas Drive, Nashville, TN 37215 / /

Another fun issue by Jess, but for some reason ey created #7 before eir created #6. This time, we are given a lot of information about the impending move to college (MTSU) and eir’s mother’s reaction to that. We are also given a list of a number of the finest Lesbian-charactered novels, of which I only have one (the Rubyfruit Jungle, by Rita Mae Brown). Throughout the magazine we are treated to a number of pictures of Jess, as well as some of eir poetry, which is pretty much like all the other poetry in every single other zine that I’ve read. Some of the pieces that Jess uses in the magazine are completely off-the-wall, and I’m not sure whether ey wrote them eirself or found them in old magazine. This is the case with the discussion of the layout of Noah’s Ark, as well as a discussion of where the world’s best coffee can be found. As with the other issues of Dog In Space, there is some serious discussion about gender – something in which Jess finds eirself as Jess, not as transgender but eirself! By far though, I am not sure whether this zine can be fully enjoyed without talking to Jess eriself or at least checking up on eir’s Livejournal. I find it hard to continually bring up new things about Dog in Space every time that I review it, but really, it is just a fun little read that straddles the line between overbearing seriousness and fun little facts. Check the zine-lists for Jess’ new zine, out sometime soon.

Rating :7.3/10

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