Far-Less Releases New Album, Tours

“Days after Far-Less entered the studio in April to record ‘A Toast To Bad Taste,’ their hometown of Blacksburg, Virginia, became the setting of the mortifying Virginia Tech shootings. Whether consciously or not, this young sextet deliver an effort that reflects bravery in both a musical and very personal way.”– Alternative Press, 4 and 1/2 out of 5 stars

Blacksburg, VA — Brandon Welch, Jordan Powers, Mark Karsten, Joseph Powers, Elizabeth Pina, and Todd Turner – an innocent enough series of six random names; but when combined with each other, they represent the powerhouse rock and roll sextet from Virginia that is called Far-Less – true evidence that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The band’s sophomore album, A Toast To Bad Taste, boasts a complex sense of confidence, merging the dynamic elements of rock bands like Muse with the intelligence and finesse of Dredg and Brand New. Produced by Mike Green (Paramore, The Matches), A Toast To Bad Taste is the incisive testimony of a band reborn.

With an astute knack for combining melody with crafty instrumentation and drawing inspiration from such 90’s alternative bands such as Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden, Far-Less has yet again carved out it’s own unique place in the world of rock and roll. The end result is a seemingly timeless and artful album that will continue to distance the band from the dormant and unimaginative aesthetic of the vast majority of it’s peers.


“Post-hardcore, indie rock, or whatever you’d like to call it, this band is on a mission to bring you relevant, powerful music…From humble beginnings in true DIY fashion, Far-Less has come into their own, pulling influences from the heyday of Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden, while drawing inspiration from Brand New, Muse and Dredge. Far-Less packs a punch of power, sensitivity, desperation, and hope into each track on this disc, it does nothing less than make you feel (and dance.)” – FMQB.com

“Building on the shoegazer foundation of stalwarts like Elliott and Hum and blending in the more active flair of Muse and the Receiving End Of Sirens, the group paint a moody and beautiful canvas of engaging atmospheric rock.” – Alternative Press

“Fan’s of epic guitar rock with obvious hardcore and metal underpinnings but no screaming will probably shit themselves over this record. This isn’t a bloated disc of ‘one hit wonders’ but if you give it some quality face time there is wealth of truly stirring music to be discovered.” – Mammoth Press

“With sharp guitar work, drum work that will keep you tapping your feet, Brandon Welch’s unique vocals an the addition of Elizabeth Pina on the keyboards, Far-Less has gone above and beyond any expectations and creates an album that will keep growing on y our with each listen.” – HM Magazine

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