Fredda “Toutes Mes Aventures” Released On Le Pop Musik

10 great songs with sparse arrangements, touching genres like New Orleans Dixie and Jazz. For fans of Feist, Pascal Parisot, Benjamin Biolay, Camille

Debut album of Fredda who already stirred waves with her contributions to the successful Le Pop Musik compilations “Le Pop En Duo” and “Le Pop 3”. Produced by nouvelle chanson star Pascal Parisot. who happens to be her husband. 10 great songs with sparse arrangements, touching genres like New Orleans dixie and jazz.

“Toutes mes aventures” is a fascinating string of ten perfect timeless pop pearls. Ten irresistible melodies, carried by an enchanting voice, that features qualities rarely found in female French singers: Neither Lolita-style pop-breather nor dramatic chanteuse, Fredda sings with the confidence of a performer, who’s learned her trade from scratch, and she plays the banjo.

Pascal Parisot accompanies her on the piano and provides string and horn arrangements between New-Orleans-Dixie and Parisian Swing. Thus Fredda and Parisot reproduce the typically French division of author-composer and arranger – showcasing the stunning talents of the couple. It’s no surprise then, that the string and horn arrangements are always much more then just an extra to the great song writing and singing talent of Fredda.

They add unbelievable hook lines wrapped in extraordinary sounds. The opener “Barry White” proves this point in exemplary fashion: Less homage to the stocky soul singer than nostalgic reminiscence about the period, when Fredda frequented clubs and danced to Barry-White-Songs under disco lights. A slow beat and Philly strings bring this sensuous atmosphere to life. “Barry White” illustrates Fredda’s approach to song writing: always look for the musical equivalent to what the song is all about. And it proves her incredible talent when it comes to writing melodies that will stick with you for ever. In a word: “Barry White” is a hit! One of ten!

The playful “Bandit Manchot” with its strings and western guitar points in the direction of Ennio Morricone and again: it fits the subject of the song. “Les rose des filles” is dedicated to Fredda’s mother.

Consequently the swinging banjo and clarinet-melody seem to come from the time, when she was young. The structure of “Pas par moi” is outright daring: First Fredda’s voice follows the walking bass, then there’s a break and suddenly she’s left all alone with strings. And on and on it goes, all the way through to the last track of the album: “Hôtesse wagon-lits” is one of many autobiographical songs on the album.

It tells the story of the young sleeping car hostess Fredda who decides to become a singer: “J’ai voulu faire chanteuse” (“I’d rather be a singer”).

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this debut album: What sounds like an expensive production for a major label, was in fact produced and recorded by Fredda and Pascal Parisot on a very limited budget, proving that creativity and musical talent go a long way when combined with determination and perseverance.Fredda “Toutes Mes Aventures” Label: Le Pop Musik

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