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The ultra modern singer/songwriter Melissa Trinchere has jokingly dubbed her brand of piano pop as “sad bastard music”. Based in Los Angeles and Sligo, Ireland Denise Squier of says, “Melissa Trinchere is a force to reckon with, and I will not be surprised to hear her voice on the radio soon.”As the beginning of 2008 approaches, Melissa has recently recorded and finished an album of 11 songs that, “stretches a bit beyond love and desperation (my usual song subjects), it goes somewhere deeper inside of me. It’s really about the general depression I’ve experienced in my life.” Taking after her contemporaries and major influences such as Fiona Apple, Morrissey and The Cure. Melissa naturally sees a darker, more emotional side of life. “A Lunar Legacy” touches the melancholy topics of the aching of one’s heart in a long distance relationship, closure from an ex after coming out of a nasty break-up, to how a brief moment of contentment can ruin the masochistic pleasure you can derive from your sadness.

Melissa was born into a musical family and taught herself to play the piano in 2002. At age 14, she began singing and composing melodies from poems she had written in high school. In 2004, she recorded an 8 song EP called “Les Petits Garcons” (The Little Boys) in Ireland and made it available online and at performances on April 1st, 2007. She has since released a 4 track EP “Changing Tide” and a 3 song single called, “Passed By” from the upcoming LP “A Lunar Legacy”.

Since June 2007, Melissa has been making her way through the cafes of Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside County (California) while doing a local musician’s showcase stint in Sligo, Ireland called The Osta Cafe Sessions this past summer. She has been reviewed by and featured on several webzine sites and has received airplay on Internet radio stations across the U.S.A.

Melissa is supporting “A Lunar Legacy” with a small cafe tour she has named the “Lunacy Coffeehouse Tour”, which will span all the way out from Southern California to the Northwestern coast of Ireland.

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