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The name Kris Racer may not ring many bells. A few bells might be rung if individuals are told that the performer behind “Has A Banner Year” was the former lead singer for Tagline. However, fans of Tagline may not like the stylistic change that Kris Racer has taken over the last few years. What results during “Banner Year” is a simplistic song, with little more than a guitar playing the back drop and Kris coming forth with a very soulful, emotive style of vocals. The track meanders a little through its runtime, but Racer is able to insert a little in the way of direction after the first minute or so of the track. “This is your Emergency” provides listeners with more of the same, but throws in a set of drums to the mix. I can hear some talent in Racer’s vocals during songs like the aforementioned “This is your Emergency”, but there seems to be enough in the way of rough edges present on this track to decrease slightly from my enjoyment of the track.

If there was a more natural marriage of the instrumental and vocal elements of the track, and a little less nasal inflection on the vocal side of the track, the resulting music would be that much stronger. Still, this is only a minor criticism. “Sharper Than Knives” magnifies some of the issues present in prior tracks, without providing anything in the way of evolution to the general formula or added pieces to this puzzle. Racer has some talent present, but it just feels that the only time that ey shines in when there is a quicker tempo and a more cohesive set of instruments backing eir (which is the norm for “Lesser Ways of an Office”). Pick up Tagline albums and keep checking out Racer for the time being.

Top Track: Lesser Ways of an Office

Rating: 4.0/10

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