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Liquid Jungle – Tiny Heaven / 2007 Self / 14 Tracks / /

This Atlanta, Georgia band has been around for quite a few years. It is not that much of a surprise that Liquid Jungle’s work on “Tiny Heaven” is smooth, polished, and shows that a tremendous amount of effort has been placed into the creation of the disc. “In Disguise” is the first track of “Tiny Heaven”, and it builds forth into something intense.

Liquid Jungle prefers to craft unique compositions on “Tiny Heaven”, pulling together disparate influences.  The brand of rock that they create on “Tiny Heaven” is new and exciting, linking together emotive rock with Southern rock and even the post-New Wave sound crafted in the middle eighties by acts like New Order. In a similar way, Liquid Jungle creates their unique mesh of styles and sounds with the disc’s second track, “The Liberated”. “The Liberated” links together acts as disparate as 311, Incubus, and Maroon 5 into something that is hooky while still musically intricate and fulfilling. The one common thread that individuals can see during “Tiny Heaven” is the epic sound present; the band may create a track that is ready for rock rotation, but the wide-open arrangements and bigger than real life sound give each track life beyond this rotation. Bringing back the heavy during “Eyetomaton”, Liquid Jungle give individuals a shock and an assurance that they will not be limited by genre constraints. During this track, hair metal (Helloween, Iron Maiden, and Dio) are placed alongside the work of acts such as Coheed and Cambria and even (a little bit of) Fall Out Boy.

The band is thus attractive to fans of any style of rock, no matter if it is emo, heavy metal, rock, or even indie rock. Liquid Jungle is one of the only bands that is able to carry a 14 track disc to completion without falling into any sort of rut; the strains of the title track are just as strong as they were during “In Disguise”, and in my honest opinion, are more impressive than those during the first track. As previously said, Liquid Jungle has been around for a few years; here is to hoping that they stay around, continue to release albums, and make a name for themselves throughout the rest of the United States.

Top Tracks: Eyetomaton, In Disguise

Rating: 7.4/10

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