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I’m damned pleased to be able to announced the release of a special YGR website-only 5 song EP by the fantastic group of singers/players called Fire On Fire. They used to be the art-punk-prog-chaos collective Cerberus Shoal, but they ditched their electric instruments, went into hiding for a while, and now play all acoustic-stand up bass, mandolin, banjo, harmonium, accordion, acoustic guitar, dobro etc etc, and they all sing and harmonize on the songs. If you click the link below you’ll get photos, free MP3, sound streams, video etc etc.


Live, they do it “old school” and just use two mics placed in front of them on the stage, like a bluegrass band. They all live in the same house up in Maine, across from rusting green oil tanks, apparently. To me they sound like a backwoods, fierce, psychedelic Mamas And The Papas or a crazed and joyously vengeful gospel string band. Have a listen to the free MP3
above and the sound streams too. They’re great people and I love their music. It’s all acoustic, but it’s not in the least folky. More old-timey incantations – American music with excellent words and performed with the honed violence of intent that truly great music requires. They’re a total blast live. They just recently played my back porch actually (!!!!) for my
wife’s birthday and it was one of the best live music experiences I’ve had in years.

This is just the first installment from these folks. We’ll be releasing their debut album early next year (none of the songs from this EP included), and they’ll be doing a lot of touring thereafter. In the meantime, my highest recommendations for this EP!!!!!

The packaging uses an original drawing / screen print by Colleen Kinsella of FOF and printed heavy stock paper and assembled by Fire On Fire at their home. The words/credits are printed on velum. The ridiculously low price of $7 reflects my adamant belief in the music and my sincere desire that folks buy it, take it home, open it, fondle it, smell it, and listen to it.

Thanks and Best! Michael Gira / YGR

track listing:
1. Hangman (4:29)
2. Liberty Unknown (6:55)
3. My Lady Coffin (7:10)
4. Amnesia (4:32)
5. Three Or More (8:12)

Fire on Fire is:
Colleen Kinsella – vocals, harmonium, guitar, accordion, banjo
Caleb Mulkerin – vocals, guitar, banjo, dobro
Tom Kovacevic – vocals, oud, nay, tamboritza, jembe, tamborine
Micah Blue Smaldone – vocals, upright bass, banjo
Chriss Sutherland – vocals, guitar, doumbek


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