RCRD LBL Bets On Ad Supported Model.

While the music industry is still scrambling to solve the free digital music dilemma, RCRD LBL has taken the plunge – creating an online record label with a creative business model. Instead of trying to fight free downloads, RCRD LBL is embracing the idea with an advertising-based revenue scheme. Through its support from Puma, Nikon and Virgin Air, RCRD LBL can offer you DRM-free downloads. Instead of signing artists for entire albums, they pay artists a flat fee for each single distributed through the site – ranging from $500 – $5,000. Exciting huh? Someone in this crazy music industry is finally offering music that is free and legal! We can all rest easy that the RIAA wonÂ’t be knocking on our door now, right?

As an added bonus, RCRD LBL also has its own social networking feature, where you can create a profile and choose your favorite bands among other things. Don’t forget to check out their widgets for tour dates, photos, fans, and RCRD LBL Radio – they could definitely jazz up any MySpace page or blog.

Check them out at http://rcrdlbl.com/

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Author: James McQuiston

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