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I hate reviewing older issues of a zine than the one I’ve reviewed already, but Rocks and Blows is that good. All four of the pieces in this issue of “Rocks and Blows are done by David, and even if the subject matter (the stories of a former junkie) does not interest you, the talent and amazing level of descriptions of David’s writing should. Ey writes in a way that will make envisioning eir exploits during this issue easy. The one major problem that I have with this issue of Rocks and Blows is that the first entry – “Thank God She Finally Got Here” – ends with too abrupt of a stop. While it does not seem fair to give away the title (and I risk just going into a discussion with David here), perhaps an explanation for the actions of the antagonist would be in order to give individuals more of a reason why things happened in the way they did in the piece. However, this minor weakness cannot diminish the tremendous writing style of David, nor does it affect the other pieces in this issue. The read goes by quickly but is like a catchy song in that individuals could conceivably read the magazine soon after finishing it. I do know that there is a second issue of this zine, as I alluded, but I sincerely hope that David is able to go and create more issues with the same style and allure. If so, it could be one of the best zines on the market. Send David a few bucks and get the entire selection of issues of “Rocks and Blows”.

Rating: 8.5/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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