Singer’s ‘So Hard’ Music Video Pays Tribute to All Families Suffering Emotionally-Overwhelming Separation and Hardship

“So Hard”, a new music video featured for the first time today on over 30 Internet web sites, ipays tribute to the hundreds of thousands of military families separated by conflict throughout the world. But the real inspiration for the raw, emotional, and heart rending song and images comes from the singer-songwriter’s own family.

“Imagine every single day and night never wanting to hear your telephone ring with news that could shatter your world,” said Robert Mackey, whose niece painfully described to him her uncertainty and fears when the telephone pierces her being every time her husband is at risk. “Saying hello isn’t as simple as it used to be with her military husband, my nephew, in the line of fire.”

His niece’s description struck a chord in Mackey, who wrote and recorded with his acclaimed rock band, AVM, the music video. He found another military family to enact the emotions he was conveying, interspersing family pictures provided by the U.S. military, resulting in today’s release.

“So now you’re all alone
And waiting by the phone
One call can change your world.

And now you say goodbye
The tears run down your face
You turn and walk away.”

“So Hard” depicts the intolerable, heartbreaking conditions of our time. It captures the story of a family holding on from day to day, never knowing what tomorrow will bring. It is an ode to Mackey’s nephew, Jim, a U.S. Army Sergeant First Class; his wife, Stacie; and their four-year-old daughter, Moira.

“Now change has come along
Somehow it made you stronger
It’s hard to face the truth.

Two sides to every day
The darkness and the light
The path is up to you.”

Mackey’s is a unique, haunting vocal style backed by the driving sounds and vocals of his four band members which provide an edge to “So Hard”. The combination is a compelling depiction of how families such as Jim, Stacie and Moira, separated by continents and conflict, are struggling and coping with their physical disconnection and how their love for one another, their hope for a safe reunion, keeps them going, he said.

“Don’t know what to do
Don’t know what to say
You’re living day by day”

“It’s so hard to play the game
It’s so hard to touch the sky
It’s not easy to relate
It’s so hard to carry on.”

“We are by no means making a political statement,” said Mackey, emphatically. “We are being supportive of the families who sacrifice themselves for us.”

The “So Hard” music video is part of a three-song “Maxi-Single” set in Mp3 format at,, or individually for 99 cents each at It precedes the band’s release early next year of their new full-length CD, “A Matter of Time”.

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