The Bacterial Mad-Scientist

The Bacterial Mad-Scientist / :5 / 8S / PO Box 24894, Detroit, MI 48224 /

Throughout my time reviewing zines, I have gotten my fair share of small, poorly-drawn comics. Not to say that all of them are necessarily bad, and The Bacterial Mad Scientist is one of those examples in which the style can be childish, using stick figures and hand-written thought balloons to convey the story, but it still has a fun little story. Moving away from the mess that is Lisa and approaching something as cute and sentimental as Little Grandpas, Bacterial Mad Scientist describes a doctor that won’t die until a problem concerning waste-eating bacteria is finished, one that is finally resolved when ey realizes that what is keeping eir alive is that same bacteria. There are some nuances to the author’s style that make this zine endearing, specifically the innovative ways to incorporate actual pictures of bacterial and showing the rapid decay of the professor. The story proceeds through with a minor amount of humor, and it is this small amount of humor that is probably the most compelling part of the zine. The Bacterial Mad Scientist had so many chances to rapidly go south and lack any story, but the editor has the foresight to come to the table with a clearly-thought out plot and stick with it the entire time. The prize may only be 50 cents, but I would suggest sending a few dollars just to get some of this author’s other zines, as I have a feeling that ey is a very active writer/drawer.

Rating: 5.7/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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